#BBNaija Live Show Five: Biggie Adds A New Twist As Four Housemates Get Evicted

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The #BBNaija housemates were left in shock when Bally and Ese were asked by Biggie to walk out of the House, even as Uriel uttered “It’s a lie, it’s a lie” as she walked towards embracing the exiting Ese and Bally.

Bisola also re-echoed the words against the unexpected turn of events.

Ebuka and Big Brother had obviously come up with a fantastic way to Evict the fake Housemates in order to keep the drama and suspense in the House at a premium.

Ebuka had first asked Bally and Ese to leave the House and proceed to the Arena, with some of the #BBNaija housemates saying “it’s a lie, we shall see you at the Arena” to the Evictees.

After the housemates had settled down a bit, Ebuka made another appearance on the #BBNaija House screens to Evict the next two Housemates Jon and Bisola.

The exit of Bisola and Jon however didn’t stir as much emotions as those of Bally and Ese, as most could not make a case out of it.

The real problem however started once the Four Evictees were in the Arena, as Bisola could be heard cursing out loud upon hearing Ese ordered to make her final exit.

Bally on his part struggled to remain composed even though his anxiety and apprehension was noticeable.

With the four Housemates in the Arena, Ebuka made an announcement asking Ese to leave the #BBNaija House, to shocked expressions from Bisola and Bally, and before they could settle down, Jon was also asked to leave the House.

When Jon and Ese appeared on the Big Brother stage, they were appreciated by the host, Ebuka who thanked them for their performances and the endless altercation they caused between the rest of the #BBNaija housemates.

As Ese and Jon reminisced about their time in the #BBNaija house, it was obvious that they were delighted to have accomplished their mission.

Back in the Arena, Bisola and Bally, who both have won immunity privileges regained a sense of calm after Big Brother announced that they had won an exclusive Paradise Holiday and wouldn’t be returning to the House – for now.

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