#BBNaija Day 9: Confusion And New Dance Routines

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It was only a matter of time before the tension that had been building in the #BBNaija house since the fake evictions over the weekend.

The introduction of Debbie-Rise into the #BBNaija house was an explosive one, especially since she was chosen as the House Joker and had the tasks of finding the Igwe’s secret black book diary, which was filled with Biggie’s instructions to create conflict in the House and to generally sow the seed of discontent among the housemates.

Miyonse, Soma and Efe were nominated for eviction but the atmosphere became explosive when Efe along with his cohorts ThinTallTony, Bisola and Debbie-Rise, managed to obtain the key and powered by Section 8 of Big Brother’s rule book, took the Igwe crown which CoCoIce had left carelessly and usurped the Igwe crown to possibly become the new Head of House.

This led to confusion and a quarrel between Bisola and CoCoIce, with the latter feeling betrayed. Bisola on her part repeatedly saying she followed the instructions of Big Brother.

The strategy of TBoss seems to be to strip down in front of everyone in the changing room and this necessitated a comment from ThinTallTony. Who said he likes her body. Miyonse, on the other hand seemed to be getting closer to Gifty, as it seemed his romance with TBoss is about to hit the rocks.

The task between the ‘Haves’ and the ‘Have Nots’ ended in favour of the normal, despite the fact that the latter completed the task first. It was later revealed that the ‘Haves’ always win.

Big Brother later in the day decided that in recognition of the new Igwe, all the other Housemates must create a dance routine that best shows their ethnicity which must be presented to Igwe Efe.

The new Igwe was instructed by Biggie to divide the Housemates into six pairs, and each pair must consist a male and female. Debbie-Rise, the house Joker was exempted from the task.

All the Housemates showcased their interpretations of their ethnic dance styles to the pleasure and satisfaction of Igwe Efe and his Jester.

Big brother had informed the Housemates through Efe in the diary room that the Task will count towards their wager from earlier today. The Housemates had put in 50% of their weekly Shopping allocations and it is left to be seen how they have done so far.

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