#BBNaija Day 36: Housemates Still Confused By Last Evictions

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With a negative and somber mood pervading the #BBNaija house after the evictions of the previous day, the Housemates all but decided to stay mellow.

The rest of the #BBNaija Housemates were left gutted and confused after they were sent to the Arena the previous day only to find no one waiting for them like they had expected.

The reality however was that Bisola and Bally haven’t being evicted and are actually still in the House, enjoying a luxury vacation where they both wined and dined while they watch their fellow Housemates on TV.

Despite Big Brother’s seemingly flawless cover-up, Debbie-Rise still had her suspicions and all but pointed to the fact that there were no pictures hanging on the wall as proof that any of the four evicted #BBNaija housemates were coming back.

To put her suspicions and those of the other Housemates to rest, Big Brother had his Ninjas come into the House in the afternoon of day 36 and hang up the portraits that had caused Debbie-Rise to be suspicious.

The plan appeared to work as ThinTallTony, Uriel, TBoss and Kemen stood in front of the wall staring blankly as the reality that the Eviction might have been real after all started to set in.

TBoss particularly seemed affected the most, as she seemed overcome with emotion and on the verge of tears at the realization that none of the evicted four Housemates might be coming back.

What made the moment a hilarious one was the fact that Bally and Bisola were having a sumptuous meal of chicken ribs and generally having a blast at the exact same moment.

Uriel and Bassey however continued to be suspicious as they sat down and reiterated once again that Big Brother was most likely up to something because Bisola was just too “popular” to be out of the race for the 25 Million Naira prize money already! It appears the #BBNaija housemates have a strong intuition and understanding of who their competition is.

It is left to be seen what their reaction would be when Bisola and Bally return on Wednesday.

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