#BBNaija Day 35: Shocked Housemates Adjust To New Realities

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Following the surprise quadruple Eviction from the #BBNaija house, the Housemates made no attempt to hide their shock during the Diary Sessions.

The #BBNaija housemates were however up for a rude awakening when they realised they were all up for Nominations and possible Evictions at the next Live Show.

When Biggie told the Housemates to head to the Arena, they all expected to find their fellow Housemates in there, instead a table with 30 envelops was all they found and they were all asked to pick one.

All the #BBNaija housemates picked envelopes containing the word “NOMINATED” and they were all duly informed by Ebuka that they were all going to be up for possible Eviction next week.

That wasn’t all however, as Ebuka also made it known to them that only the Head of House would be exempt from Eviction, and the Task to determine who emerges would happen tomorrow night in place of the Nominations Show.

The Housemates walked back into the House in a quiet and somber mood, even as Biggie announced the commencement of the Diary sessions which appeared to be what everyone needed at the moment saying very little, if any.

Biggie’s now very ominous voice boomed over the House PA system signalling the beginning of their Diary session and this seemed like the much needed therapy session they needed.

Most of the #BBNaija housemates’ chat with Big Brother was centred on shock at the fact that four Housemates had been Evicted. Majority also had a new commitment to fight as hard as they possibly could to earn the Head of House title, thereby guaranteeing their immunity.

Bassey confessed during the Diary Sessions to “swimming in an ocean of mixed feelings” since he overheard Uriel lecturing Debbie-Rise over him.

Uriel was of the opinion that the Live Eviction Show was unprecedented and left her bothered especially since it left the #BBNaija house with “dead crickets and a House deader than dead”. Uriel also went on to admit that it had been a “week of terror by so many standards.” Debbie-Rise on her part had refused to change into a casual outfit as she expected to see two Housemates return at any moment.

Efe on his part appeared dazed but made it known that he had resigned to play by Biggie’s rule. TBoss seemed all about herself as she made it known that she had now set her sights on winning the head of house challenge.

After the Diary sessions, the housemates gathered in the dining room to enjoy their dinner, after which they reverted to the sombre mood that had taken over the House. Some went straight to bed afterwards, while some others paired up trying to figure out the rationale behind Big Brother’s decision.

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