#BBNaija Day 34: ThinTallTony Makes A Move On TBoss

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After spending 34 days in the #BBNaija house, the Housemates have warmed up to themselves with some getting in a love triangle.

ThinTallTony has for long being known to have a thing for Bisola but his move on TBoss has added some complexity to the connections in the House.

It all started during the #BBNaija Dark Shower Task earlier in the week when TBoss and ThinTallTony shared a shower together after getting drenched in all manner of smelly mess.

TBoss took off her top for whatever reason and it seems ThinTallTony liked what he saw as he has been chasing after her since then.

After getting a little liquor in his system, ThinTallTony made the first bold move on day 33 flirting intensely with TBoss while he knelt in the Jacuzzi. He told her to ask him what he thought of them, before asking to have another look, saying he wanted to ‘suck’ on them.

TBoss was left blushing by his revelation and she walked off blushing, with ThinTallTony promising to behave.

This turned out to be a lie because not long after, he was begging her to make out with him. She however settled for a hug before she went ahead to stroke his hair.

ThinTallTony seems not ready to give up as he hopped into bed with her, tickling her tummy while she giggled on the morning of day 34.

He started begging her for a kiss again, as they cuddled and he gave her a foot massage. The conversation soon got steamy as he asked her what her weak spots were.

All this happened in the presence of Bisola who appeared not to care and even joined in when TBoss started biting ThinTallTony.

This however seems fishy, given the fact that Bisola had stated that she had a plan for TBoss in yesterday’s Diary sessions.

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