#BBNaija Day 34: Housemates Party Hard As Bally And TBoss Mend Fences

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The #BBNaija Housemates seemed not to be deterred by the brief argument between TBoss and Bally, as the party was in full swing, from the moment they entered the Arena.

They found the Saxokay Jazz Band playing a “Happy Birthday” song for birthday boy, Efe as the #BBNaija Housemates hit the dance floor in their 1960’s inspired outfits, with ThinTallTony, Bassey and Efe leading the pack.

Uriel, Bisola and Debbie-Rise quickly joined them, setting the pace for the rest of the Housemates who were dancing at the sides.

ThinTallTony showed the rest how to dig it on the dance floor, as he bent down to knee length in motion and sweat was seen all over his shirt. Kemen also got a few of the Housemates to form a semi-circle and danced his many robotic inspired dance moves.

Not to be outdone, Debbie-Rise with her turquois hot pants and high heels literally took over the dance floor, dancing alone and a few moments of bumping and grinding with Bassey and Efe.

With the argument still hanging over the House, Bally soon approached TBoss to apologise for the argument they had before the party about the toilet, which the latter felt the former left unclean.

TBoss sat in the garden with Kemen after the party, crying as she once again recounted how the argument started while sobbing. Kemen tried to calm her down, saying she shouldn’t expect everybody to have the same level of reason she did and that she should be more accommodating of others.

Not long after, Bally approached TBoss, sat down with her and apologised. It appeared she was still very upset about the whole thing as she said there was no need for what happened. TBoss made it clear to

Bally that he had ruined her evening, saying “You called me stupid. I was angry with Bisola in the Arena yesterday. I was angry with Ese the other day. I never called them names.  You were screaming at me and asking me where I’m from. Where are you from?”

Bally continued to convince her to accept his apology saying “I feel so stupid right now. My mom actually warned me not to get into an argument or fight in this House. I am sure she must be disappointed right now. I am really sorry, from the bottom of my heart.”

He went on to assure her that such would not happen again before TBoss owned up to her part in the argument and also apologised for her actions.

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