#BBNaija Day 34: Efe Gets A Special Birthday Treat From Big Brother

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Big brother kicked off the day by calling Kemen into the #BBNaija Dairy Room to let him know that there was a special delivery for the birthday boy, Efe in the store room.

The surprise turned out to be a cake and Kemen soon organised the Housemates to distract Efe in order to get the cake in the kitchen.

TBoss was first in line, as he demanded that Efe sniff her armpit immediately. A confused and amused Efe tried to wrestle his way out of her grasp to no avail as he complied and and acceded to her demands, saying it smelt nice even though TBoss hadn’t showered.

Bisola and Bassey soon followed suit as they grabbed him from behind and told him they were going to dump ice water on him once they got to the kitchen.

After a long struggle they finally made it to the dining table and when Efe turned around he realized he’d been pranked as everyone screamed Happy Birthday!

Efe was all smiles and said it was a privilege to celebrate his birthday in the House and then thanked everyone for making his day special.

The #BBNaija Housemates then tucked in to Biggie’s tasty treat before heading out to the Jacuzzi to sit down and chill in the pouring rain.

Later in the evening, Biggie rewarded the trio of Bisola, ThinTallTony and Ese with a Nigerian delicacy, Nkwobi which is cooked cow hooves, mixed in spicy palm oil paste.

Each of the three #BBNaija housemates were rewarded for a reason, Bisola for winning the Name The Legend Game, ThinTallTony for winning the Friday Night Area Games and Ese for being chosen by ThintallTony to share his prize with.

Kemen delivered Big Brother’s message to the Housemates, saying “Housemates the  Oleku Party is a special one. Big Brother has ensured that everything is in order and all you have to do is to show up looking good.

Bisola, ThinTallTony and Ese, please step aside. In the Store Room, you will find three plates of Nkwobi, as your reward”.

Not long after Kemen delivered the message, the three Housemates yelled in excitement and headed straight to the Store Room.

Every single one of the #BBNaija housemates wanted a taste of the delicious meal. Plates were soon handed to all the Housemates as they dished up and dug in, even as shouts of “Thank you Big Brother,” filled the air.

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