#BBNaija Day 33: ThinTallTony Wins The Week’s Arena Games

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The voice of Big Brother boomed through the arena as he announced ThinTallTony as the winner of the #BBNaija Friday Nights’ Arena Games.

ThinTallTony breezed through the games which had seven stages to finish in a record time of 1:56 seconds. He was closely followed by Marvis, who recorded a time of 2:10 seconds, followed closely by Kemen, who recorded a time of 2:24 seconds.

The #BBNaija Housemates were required to first recreate a marshmallow and spaghetti structure, then climb over and under an obstacle, crawl under a low net and through the mud, climb over and under an obstacle again, swing on a rope over a pool of water, climb over an obstacle again and finally, use a stick to lift bolt nuts and stack them, making a tower.

A number of the #BBNaija housemates including Marvis, Kemen and Bassey, we’re able to breeze through the games while a number of others, Ese and Uriel threw in the towel.

The final stage seemed the toughest as it had majority of the Housemates struggling as it required them to pick and stack bolt nuts.

Big Brother had to remind the Housemates to pick up all their bolt nuts first before they could start building the tower which some were unable to complete within the allotted time.

This is the second week in a row that ThinTallTony would be winning the arena games as he was announced winner last week, beating Kemen, who came in second. His victory was however cut short, as footage taken during the Games that night indicated that ThinTallTony actually failed to complete the puzzle. This necessitated Biggie withdrawing his prize and announcing Kemen as the winner.

Announcing ThinTallTony as winner of the #BBNaija arena games of the night, Biggie said it was a beautiful way of bouncing back from last week’s disappointment saying, “The best way to demonstrate your frustration is to vent on tonight’s Task,” as he congratulated him.

Biggie then asked ThinTallTony to choose one #BBNaija Housemate to share his prize with, and he chose Ese. “You will receive your prize from Big Brother tomorrow,” Biggie said before announcing that he had a “reward” for all the Housemates waiting for them in the Store Room. It wasn’t long before the Housemates dipped into the Jacuzzi, having drinks, chatting and singing.

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