#BBNaija Day 32: Bisola Bears The Brunt Of Bants And Jokes

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Day 31 was an eventful day filled with activities that had the #BBNaija Housemates go in a bathtub filled with slimy substances, the visit of Mr. Ibu and preparing for their Task Presentation.

There was a great need for them to gain back their strength.

As soon as the #BBNaija housemates had completed their house chores, Bassey and Bisola lingered around the closet area sharing jokes and banter.

Without warning, ThinTallTony walked in and the conversation took a new dimension and dramatic turn. Bassey all but expressed his shock in a playful manner at the way Bisola brushed her teeth earlier, saying the sounds emanating from her mouth was traumatic for him.

ThinTallTony in his characteristic manner took the joke to a whole new level as he acted and simulated a television news broadcaster.

He asked Bassey if he was traumatized by watching and dealing with an alligator brushing her 45 Molars before proceeding to attempt to interview “the alligator” from a distance, saying that he needed to make use of a boom microphone to keep him safe from Bisola.

The jokes went to new heights when they went on to tease Bisola about the way she acted during the Dark Bath Task of Day 31.

All of the #BBNaija housemates were squirmish and they all but screamed during their time in the tub. Bisola on her part remained calm throughout the task, with the duo of Bassey and ThinTallTony saying she was “at home in her elements” in the swampy murk they were sitting in. This line got Bisola reeling with laughter as she chased and made an attempt to bite Bassey.

The attempted bite got the duo pushing the boundaries of the joke further as they suggested she was attempting to turn Bassey into an alligator too.

ThinTallTony soon got up and simulated administering an antidote to a twitching Bassey.

ThinTallTony went on to admit that he had been bitten by the alligator yesterday and didn’t administer the antidote on time, which made him have occasional bouts of twitching.

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