#BBNaija Day 31: Cheating And Domestic Violence

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Day 30 had seen the #BBNaija housemates gagging on Biggie’s nauseating mixtures of food to keep their secrets safe, but they soon settled into their normal routines as they shared their life experiences.

The discussions spilled over into day 31 as they talked about courting, cheating, domestic violence and a number of other things.

The discussions happened while Head of House, Kemen was locked in solitude in the Isolation booth, serving his punishment for breaching the conspiracy rule.

Bassey was of the opinion that love was a controversial topic, saying that “No matter how you approach it, when you say something, you should back it up with experience”.

Jon on his part added that he believed honesty was the best policy when it comes to relationships.

Soon enough, the conversation soon moved on to the issue of cheating in relationships with Ese saying that anyone who had to clear the conversations on his or her phone was cheating.

Bally admitted to have had messages that caused problems in his past relationships, but admitted that not every message will cause problems in relationships.

The conversation soon moved on to domestic violence, with a number of the #BBNaija housemates sharing how they had seen other people suffer in the hands of their partners.

The main activities of day 31, which happens to be the third day of reign of the new Head of House Kemen, soon kicked off with Kemen appearing to have whipped the #BBNaija housemates into shape as they could all be seen manning their respective posts.

Kemen as Head of House thought it smart to divide the housemates into sections, with every #BBNaija Housemate assigned specific daily chores. Some of the Housemates are regimented into cleaning the House, while the other group have been regimented to kitchen duties.

All the Housemates seem to have taken to their assigned Tasks with valour, especially since Igwe Kemen also joined in both the kitchen duties and also assisting in the cleaning duties.

This is a huge departure from Efe’s style of ruling where he allowed the Housemates help in making decisions.

Uriel on her part didn’t have a specific style while Ese’s leadership had a twinge of irritation. Perhaps it’s a new dawn when it comes to style of reign in the #BBNaija house.

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