#BBNaija Day 31: Of Superstitious Beliefs And Dark Bath Task

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Big Brother had asked the #BBNaija housemates to discuss various superstitions they remember from their childhood in fulfillment of the Theme of the week which is Fears, Phobias and Superstitions.

The task of the day was two-pronged and the first part of this Task required the Housemates to discuss their Superstitious beliefs. Once that was done, they split into two groups.

The second part of the Task was for each group to create a unique performance themed after some of the discussed superstitions.

Kemen used his authority as Head of House to split the #BBNaija Housemates into the two required groups.

He automatically elected the two Housemates that had experience with stage plays, ThinTallTony and Bassey as the group leaders before proceeding to assign the rest of the Housemates into their respective groups.

The group of ThinTallTony had Kemen, Bally, Uriel, Marvis and Debbie-Rise; while the Group of Bassey consisted of Efe, TBoss, Ese, Bisola and Jon.

The two groups soon sat down separately and started discussing various superstitions they grew up with while trying to inculcate that into a play they will present on Thursday at the Task Presentation.

Soon enough, Biggie had the housemates focusing on the Fears aspect of the week’s theme as he had the Housemates blindfolded and led into the Arena.

The ninjas selected the #BBNaija housemates one by one and led them to the make shift baths set up in front of the rigs. As soon as the Housemates were seated properly in the tubs, the ninjas mounted the rigs and proceeded to dump buckets of concocted murkiness on them.

The dark bath challenge was an intense one, so much so that some of the guys could be heard screaming like little girls.

Bally and ThinTallTony were more noticeable as they were grunting loudly.

With all the #BBNaija Housemates immersed in the murkiness of the bath, the ninjas allowed them exit the Arena and they quickly ran into the Garden area to get hosed down, with some of the Housemates jumping straight into the Jacuzzi to get rinsed down. Not long after, all the Housemates stormed into the showers to get washed down properly.

After they had all taken their bath and rested a bit, they all moved to the garden to clean up all the residual muck they had left on the garden grass.

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