#BBNaija Day 31: Mr Ibu Surprises With His Diary Sessions

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Biggie surprised the #BBNaija housemates and viewers by having Mr. Ibu participate in a diary session and even giving him a Secret Task!

It was a departure from the norm when celebrity visitors to the #BBNaija house were just required to advice the Housemates, as he was given a task of helping the housemates create a short drama.

Mr. Ibu whose real name is John Okafor is a Nollywood superstar who is known for playing comic roles.

He joins other celebrity visitors that has visited the #BBNaija house over the past few weeks. Not long after discussing and sharing advice with the Housemates, Mr. Ibu was called by Biggie into the Diary Room where they had a brief chat.

“Good evening Mr. Ibu,” sounded Biggie’s voice over the speaker and in his comical style, Mr. Ibu replied with a loud “Eh?” Big Brother had to correct Mr. Ibu on what the appropriate response should be while in the Diary Room, and he promptly replied with “Yes, Big Brother.”

Mr. Ibu went on to have a brief chat with Big Brother on how one of the hit songs of Michael Bolton, titled “I’m back on my feet again” changed his life, making it one of his favourite songs to date.

After a little chat that bordered on the personal, Big Brother wasted no time in informing Mr. Ibu that he had a Secret Task for him. He was to go back into the lounge and create a short drama series script with the #BBNaija Housemates and also act it out with them.

“Big Brother will not accept failure from you.  Failure to do this will mean your Wager is in danger,” Biggie said to Mr. Ibu who had a shocked expression on his face.

The #BBNaija Housemates, together with Mr. Ibu, put up a great performance before Mr. Ibu had to leave the House at the sound of the buzzer. He however wasn’t allowed to leave until he took a few selfies with the Housemates.

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