#BBNaija Day 30: Uriel’s Flirting Game Gets Turned Up a Notch

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It’s been a topsy-turvy turn for some of the #BBNaija housemates looking for love while some have basically had it easy.

Kemen falls in the former category as he has lusted after Uriel almost since the housemates stepped foot in the House.

Uriel had told Biggie and anyone who cared to listen that she thought of him only as a brother. She has also repeatedly told him on several occasions that she wanted only to be friends, to an extent that Kemen had no choice than to turn his attention to other ladies in the House, especially TBoss.

Things are however about to take a different turn especially given his recent win in the Friday Night Arena Games and his success in the Head of House Challenge, making Kemen a more attractive option for Uriel who has come to be known as the drama queen of the #BBNaija house.

She made it known to him that she found him attractive, saying “At first I didn’t, but I think you are a cool guy, I do like you.”

Uriel went on to add that he was showing characteristics that she liked, and that she admired his leadership style. She however added, “I’m not saying I want a boyfriend or anything…” but she seemed smart enough to leave her sentence hanging for Kemen to make of it what he will.

It appears Uriel is suddenly interested in him as a result of Kemen’s sudden rise and turn in fortune for a man who has been maligned for long in the #BBNaija house.

It is left to be seen whether it is a strategic move by Uriel as all the remaining #BBNaija Housemates are in a never-ending struggle for positions of power in the House or she is simply trying to emulate Efe and Marvis who are a powerful force in the House, by getting Kemen to pair up with her to increase her chances of staying longer in the #BBNaija house.

With numerous twists and turns, it is left to be seen how Kemen reacts to this sudden show of affection from someone who has done all to show previously that she wasn’t interested and if it is a wise and clever move by Uriel.

Will Kemen be wise enough to know whether she’s baiting him?

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