#BBNaija Day 30: Isolation Room and Secrets

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The task of the day started with one of Biggie’s ninjas setting up a numbered circular board in the lounge for the #BBNaija housemates after Big Brother had instructed the Housemates to move into the garden and shut the door.

After the House was set up, Biggie instructed the Housemates to pick a number out of the bowl the ninja had.

With their numbers selected, Biggie informed the #BBNaija Housemates what the parameters of the Task would be, telling them they were to wear a blind fold and ear plugs and also sit in the isolation room for one hour.

The #BBNaija Housemates were required to place their name tags on the circular board beside the numbers they had selected.

The board was round and shaped like a clock, with each Housemate’s name signifying a time block or an hour.

The task also required the Housemates to ensure that the clock hand must always point to the name of the Housemate in the isolation room.

The task appears to be some sort of punishment for the housemates as almost all of them have to endure the isolation room for an hour.

As the hours wound down on day 30, Big Brother had the Housemates share with him their most daring secrets in furtherance of achieving the theme of the week which is centred on Fear, Phobias and Superstitions.

The Housemates were given writing material and each had to write down a secret about themselves that was true and all the other Housemates were not privy to.

Big Brother also explicitly told the Housemates that if any of them wrote something that one of the other #BBNaija Housemates already knew about them, or else, they risk losing their weekly wager which the Housemates had already put in 100%.

As soon as the head of house, Kemen delivered Biggie’s message, each of the housemates sat separately and were given two minutes to gather their thoughts and write down their secrets before carefully placing them in a box carried away by one of Biggie’s Ninjas.

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