#BBNaija Day 29: Diary Sessions Reveal The Frustrations Of The Housemates

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The diary sessions on day 29 in the #BBNaija house had the housemates letting out their frustrations after Biggie had cancelled the Nominations for the week.

Biggie had earlier played a video of Kemen and Marvis conspiring to put Ese and Jon up for Eviction before reminding them of the rules and telling them their punishment with Kemen getting his first strike.

This made the mood in the #BBNaija tense afterward. As the Diary sessions began, Debbie-Rise felt that everyone had been “warned by example” and the situation was unpredictable.

Bisola who had won immunity from Eviction the previous day was more upset as she said she wasn’t happy that she was now up for potential eviction.

Jon had a grin on his face throughout his session and he told Biggie he loved the way everyone was stressed. Uriel was furious and she lost her cool as she asked why people were conspiring and ruining everything.

She seemed to think she was the one most of the #BBNaija housemates were conspiring to nominate and she said the trust she had for some of the Housemates was gone.

Marvis was in a somber mood during her Diary Session and she tried to explain what happened between her and Kemen but met deaf ears as Biggie was in no mood to discuss his decision. ThinTallTony also tried during his sessions to vindicate Kemen but also got shot down by Big brother.

Bally who has been Kemen’s best mate in the House surprisingly acknowledged that his friend had messed up but he was quick to point out that he’s a good “motivator” and would make a good head of house.

Bassey seemed all about Ice Prince’s visit in the morning as was Ese who was gushing and blushing before confessing to Big Brother that she had a crush on the super star. Like the other ladies in the #BBNaija house, she told Biggie she enjoyed the Indomie noodle dish he made for them and that it was an indication of how humble he is as a person.

Kemen was sullen and almost in tears during his Diary Session as he expressed how bad he felt, especially since Marvis would have to bear the consequences of his actions too.

He pleaded on behalf of Marvis to get punished alone but Biggie would have none of it.

Efe said he nominated TBoss because he felt she was manipulative, a term he had also used to refer to Uriel on Day 28. Ironically, TBoss used her Diary Session to ask Biggie to help her do something special for Efe as it his Birthday this coming weekend.

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