#BBNaija Day 29: Ice Prince Spends Time With The Housemates As Bassey Gets A Secret Task

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After the Head of House Ese, had read out the Task brief to the #BBNaija Housemates, she also informed them of a surprise guest who turned out to be Ice Prince.

After thrilling the audience, viewers and housemates at the Live Evictions Show on Sunday, he quickly settled into the House and offered to make a meal of Indomie noodles for the ladies of the #BBNaija House.

It didn’t take long for the meal to get cooked and eaten by the Housemates, and they soon settled down in the lounge to chat about their future plans.

Ice Prince also took the opportunity to share his experiences and gave the #BBNaija Housemates a few pointers on how to handle negative feedback from the public, teling them that for every negative message they get from the viewing public, there will always be a positive one too.

Before stepping out of the #BBNaija house, he told all the housemates to be real no matter what the outcome of the show was.

After the exit of Ice Prince, Bassey was summoned into the Diary Room by Biggie and was given a priority task of stealing shoes and clothes of other Housemates, hiding and later dropping them in the Diary Room for Biggie to keep.

He was to select four of the #BBNaija Housemates to be his immediate targets. Biggie however told him that should he be caught, the Housemate that catches him will automatically become the recipient of the luxury rewards due to him.

The second priority task given to Bassey required him to place a plastic spider in one of the Housemates’ bed as a prank. The plastic spider should be hidden in the bed, but placed in such a careful manner that it will scare the Housemate.

The main aspect of Bassey’s secret Task however required him to sneak into the Diary Room while all the other #BBNaija housemates are asleep and obtain an all-black outfit, as well as a small brief as to what prank he must play on the night.

This aspect of the Task is to be a continuous one that will happen every night until he gets caught or Biggie calls an end to it.

Bassey accepted his Task and soon enough went about his assignment by starting with himself. He hid two of his own shirts to erase any suspicion towards him, before going ahead to hide some of Jon’s and TBoss’ shoes.

This soon caused an uproar as the other Housemates were soon searching through their respective stuff to determine whether they had missing stuffs or not.

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