#BBNaija Day 27: The Make Noise Challenge

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Despite the fact that the #BBNaija housemates had won the “Make Noise” Task on day 25, a number of them were back to making noise for the rest of them.

Jon, Efe, ThinTallTony and Kemen were particularly responsible as they formed a band which they called the “Phly Band”, playing the drums used during the Task Presentation night loudly to wake up the rest of the Housemates who were still fast asleep.

When asked the reason why he decided to form the band, Jon responded by saying “The spirit led me and I started beating the drum,” much to the amusement of the Housemates.

During the process of beating the drums, the four #BBNaija housemates that make up the band walked into the bedroom where Debbie-Rise, Ese and TBoss were still sleeping and wasted no time in waking them up.

The ladies were visibly annoyed and they wasted no time in letting the guys know, with Debbie-Rise particularly chasing the guys out of the bedroom, carrying a tub of water and an iron rod.

The head of house Ese and Efe took the game to a new level when they initiated a game called “Do as I do”.

The game required Efe to mimick the things Ese says or act exactly the way she did. During the course of the game, Ese sang, laughed and screamed and Efe did likewise.

All the other Housemates sat around the kitchen counter, and looked amusingly at the two as they played the game.

After the game the #BBNaija housemates sat around the garden and revealed their ideal partners, with the ladies going first. The conversation started from the guys asking the girls to choose which one, among the guys, they would pick to go out on a casual date with. TBoss was asked to choose between Kemen, Bassey and Efe and she chose Efe.

After the ladies chose their “ideal partners” among the guys, the conversation proceeded to the advantages and disadvantages of muscular men over men with slim bodies.

Kemen was of the opinion that the ideal body structure was a muscular one but his opinion was countered by Jon who said most successful guys he knew were not muscular, as he went on to mention Steve Jobs and Aliko Dangote to buttress his argument.

The conversation soon switched to the physical aspect of their idea partners with TBoss saying she liked guys who were tall and had a good smile. Marvis and Bisola said they appreciated good hygiene more in a guy while Gifty added that financial stability was important alongside the other things the ladies had mentioned was important.

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