#BBNaija Day 27: Kemen Announced As Winner Of The Arena Games

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It was a happy moment for Kemen in the #BBNaija house as he was announced by Biggie as the actual winner of the arena games.

Biggie had realized that the initial winner, ThinTallTony, failed to complete the puzzle during the games and reverted to Kemen as winner as he had the next best time.

ThinTallTony had been announced as winner on day 26 when he clocked the quickest time, beating Kemen, who came in second. For his reward for winning, ThinTallTony was allowed to choose one girl and two guys to share the reward with and he chose TBoss, Kemen and Bally.

In a sudden twist of events however, Biggie withdrew ThinTallTony’s prize and announced Kemen as the winner.

Head of House Ese made the announcement from Biggie, adding that Big brother had gone through the footage of the games from the previous night and got evidence that ThinTallTony had actually not completed his puzzle.

Big Brother got evidence and circulated it among the #BBNaija housemates a copy of the screen shot from the arena games.

Ese announced that in light of this development, Kemen is the actual winner. Biggie congratulated Kemen and he was asked to pick two guys and one girl to share his prize with. Big brother however warned

Kemen that if any of the #BBNaija housemates rejected his offer, he stood the chance of forfeiting his prize. Kemen decided to pick exactly the same housemates ThinTallTony picked and his decision was received with mixed emotions in the House, but he insisted on his choice saying everyone has to respect his choice.

Furthermore, Kemen has had his eye on TBoss since the competition kicked off and he has made it known more than once. With him winning the prize and picking TBoss as part of the Housemates to share the prize with, there is a level of intrigue at play.

Kemen has gone ahead to drop a few hints to TBoss which has fallen on deaf ears.

It is left to be seen whether the time and reward would be enough to convince TBoss to look at him more than just another Housemate in the house.

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