#BBNaija Day 26: Order Gets Restored After Gifty Loses Her Bracelet

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After the #BBNaija housemates participated in their regular morning exercise, the entire house was thrown into a frenzy as Gifty shouted, “I need my bracelet!”, while shouting and screaming. Alongside her bracelet, she’s also missing a pair of earrings and she’s suspicious of everyone, with her eyes especially placed on Bassey.

The Housemates spent the morning lying around the garden and reminiscing about the Task Presentation of the previous day, when the sound of music prompted them to start the daily exercise.

After Gifty asked the Housemates if they had seen her bracelet, TBoss appeared to be offended with her question, especially since she and Gifty had been close friends since they set foot in the House.

Debbie-Rise was of the opinion that Kemen was the prank master, and made it known to the housemates.

Gifty however wasn’t convinced by the revelation and she went on with her rants and accusations of all her fellow #BBNaija housemates, even going as far as suggesting that breakfast be stopped until her missing items were found.

ThinTallTony told Gifty to look outside, since the housemates left several props, clothes and accessories last night after the Task Presentation, to which she replied that she had checked and they weren’t there.

After Gifty’s outburst, the Housemates settled into groups, with some sharing their personal stories and some going ahead to take a midday nap.

With time, Uriel and Bassey sat on the couch and shared love stories. As their conversations went on, they were soon talking about the love connections among the #BBNaija housemates.

Uriel was of the opinion that she wouldn’t want to get intimate with any Housemate, so as not to feel obligated to the person afterwards.

Gifty and some of the Housemates, including Marvis, Kemen, Bassey and Efe later took a nap, suggesting that the fatigue of preparing for the task presentation of the previous day had taking a toll on the #BBNaija housemates.

The nap was however soon cut short, as the Housemates had to wake up and commence preparation for tomorrow’s party in the Arena.

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