#BBNaija Day 25: Uriel Breaks Down As Housemates Win The Wager

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With Fake #BBNaija Housemate, Ese given a task earlier in the week to get under everyone’s skin, it appears she’s been able to do a good job with Uriel.

She confessed to feeling awful during her Diary Session as she said she was a lovable person. Biggie however reminded her not to get distracted from her goal and she reluctantly agreed to cause more chaos, even as she admitted to not liking Gifty.

Uriel was fuming during her Diary Session and for good reasons too. Uriel had confided in the #BBNaija Housemates on day 5 that her mom has a terminal mental illness (dementia) and she has fond memories of how her mum called her “Yuyu” as a child.

The Housemates seemed to love her baby name and started calling her that but Uriel was of the opinion they shouldn’t call her that and told them to stop.

Ese however decided to use the name to tease Uriel, while ignoring Uriel’s protests and those of the other #BBNaija housemates present.

Uriel broke into tears of frustration and said all she could do was remind herself not to stoop to Ese’s level. She also noted how her hands were shaking throughout the exchange.

The #BBNaija Housemates had put in a lot of hard work to make sure they were successful with their presentation and they didn’t disappoint Biggie.

The show kicked off with the group Tube featuring ThinTallTony, Uriel, Bally and Ese. The resentment between Ese and Uriel was set aside, perhaps due to the 100% wager at stake.

The group split into a two part harmony, dancing seductively to the hook of their song “They must See Gobbe!” as ThinTallTony and Bally provided percussion and ad libbed to create a beautiful performance.

The group Sistematik was next on stage with members TBoss and Bassey dropping the beat as Bisola sang the chorus and danced along side Efe who dropped two rap verses for the song. Closing off the show were Resonance with Jon, Debie-Rise, Kemen, Marvis and Gifty. Jon and Debbie-Rise lead the vocals while Debbie-Rise also strummed away at the strings to give a spirited gyration before Biggie gave all the #BBNaija housemates a breather.

The grand finale of the week’s task had all the Housemates performing a musical as a group. TBoss played a young girl who is a gifted painter but who’s father (Jon) does not approve of her vocation. She runs away from home in hopes of making it in the Big city but struggles to make ends meet until one day a talent scout (Kemen) gives her a big break.

Biggie was impressed with the performances of the night and announced that the #BBNaija housemates had won the 100% wager. They ran around the arena screaming before heading to the store to collect their reward of Pizza and an ice cold beer.

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