#BBNaija Day 25: What Does It Take To Win Big Brother Naija?

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With almost four weeks gone since the #BBNaija competition, Big Brother decided it was time to find out what the housemates think is the best strategy to win.

Bisola kicked off proceedings as she told Biggie that she felt it was important to learn how to compromise in the House and pick one’s battles, while also having a listening ear. She was also of the opinion that people sometimes fail to speak up when they get hurt and would rather go ahead to plot your demise behind your back.

When asked who she’d share the 25 Million Naira with if she ever won it she chose ThinTallTony, saying that she felt with him being 37, he had little time to accomplish his goals unlike the other #BBNaija housemates.

Bally said he felt the most important thing was to learn to be patient and mindful of people’s emotions.

ThinTallTony however had a different opinion as he said the show wasn’t all about “play and entertainment” like a lot of people thought, but was also a great opportunity to learn. He was then given a secret task of repeating whatever any of the other #BBNaija housemates said to him before answering.

Jon shared the same opinion as Bally and Bisola, saying he felt there was a need for the #BBNaija housemates to learn patience and how to be accomodating of people’s personalities.

It however seemed like a huge contradiction when he promised Biggie to step it up with the pranks particularly with ThinTallTony whom he thinks is easy to get under his skin.

It appeared Bisola was referring to Gifty with her “hurt” statement because the latter called her out for being rude and over the top.

Marvis was up next and she got a secret task from Biggie to only hold a full conversation when she’s on all fours or lying on her belly. If she was standing, she was only to answer “yes” or “no”.

Kemen commended all the #BBNaija housemates for putting in their all for the day’s presentation. He went on to mention intelligence and tenacity as the key attributes that was required to win the show.

TBoss and Efe seemed to think authenticity was much more important, with Tboss stating that she doesn’t know how to be someone else before ending her session.

Efe on his part went as far as taking shots at some of the Housemates he thought were fake including Bally, Uriel, Debbie-Rise and even his good friend ThinTallTony.

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