#BBNaija Day 24: Housemates Stay Focused And Creative For Task Rehearsals

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The #BBNaija housemates were determined to achieve success in their 100% wager as they gathered around and rehearsed, in preparation for tomorrow’s Task Presentation.

ThinTallTony lead the rest of the Housemates in singing while the Head of House, Ese made interesting recommendations on the Task presentation from the rest of the Housemates.

The task of the week required the #BBNaija housemates to create musical instruments from household items like containers, bins and tins.

They were also required to compose three songs from different musical genres. The entertaining rehearsals was cut short by Big Brother as he told the Housemates to suspend the activities for cleaning over the P.A system. After cleaning duties, the Housemates immediately went back to rehearsals.

Big Brother once again summoned the Head of House, Igwe Ese, into the Diary Room to receive new instructions for the housemates.

The instructions required the #BBNaija housemates to not only sound great during the task, but also look great.

The task Biggie set for the housemates has a theme that says “all great bands come up with their own look in order to stand out from the rest”, which perhaps was the reason why Biggie supplied some raw material for the Housemates to get creative on their costumes.

More so, the task will require the housemates to be at the top of their game as the public will be Voting on who wins the task presentation.

The #BBNaija housemates have to win their wager which they set at 100% as last weeks disappointment hang over their heads.

Big Brother also expects a good show as the Housemates have recently disappointed in their all round application to their tasks.

There’s a lot at stake and it is left to be seen which team comes out tops in all aspects of the Task as viewers will be Voting in different categories which include; Best Group Performance, Best Group Costume, Best Male Performance in a Musical and Best Female Performance in a Musical.

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