#BBNaija Day 24: Gifty Downplays Banky W’s Visit To The House

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Not long after Banky W’s visit and interactive session with the #BBNaija housemates, Big Brother kicked off the diary sessions by calling Bisola into the Diary Room.

Bisola appreciated the fact that the #BBNaija housemates had regular guests but felt they were a bit of a distraction to ensure they do not complete their Wager Task. She also told Biggie that she had a discussion with TBoss relating to feeling a bit weird, saying she wanted to be sure she wasn’t the only one feeling that way.

Bally was of the opinion that all the housemates were committed to completing the Wager Task, saying that if all of them worked a bit more late into the night, they would be ready in time for the task presentation.

Marvis told Biggie she felt closest to Kemen, with ThinTallTony, Bisola and Efe coming in in second place. She was also of the opinion that everyone in the House was busy and focused on completing their Tasks.

ThinTallTony admitted to Big Brother that he and Bisola were close but also said that his focus was still on the prize. He also said that he felt the kissing festival was becoming boring.

Jon told Biggie that he seemed to be losing the plot as his aim in the #BBNaija house was becoming farfetched as he moving at a slow pace. Biggie told him to stay focused and proceeded to give him two new secret Tasks which included Breaking up with TBoss and start flirting with another Housemate, and stealing something from TBoss and placing it in the store room for Biggie to keep.

Ese felt sad that she lost her voice and could no longer irritate the #BBNaija housemates with her hyena laugh like before. Big brother advised her on how to preserve her voice and have her two new secret Tasks which required her to steal Debbie-Rise’s guitar and stash it the the Store room and disturb and potentially break up every romantic pairings in the House. She said she loved her new Tasks, and was willing to start with Gifty and Bally.

Gifty said she was not really into the kissing festival anymore and only participated because the girls had ruined the surprise they were supposed to present to the guys. She said she didn’t enjoy Ese’s leadership and if she could evict two people instantly, it would be Ese and Bisola. She also said she didn’t like the surprise guest of the day, Banky W, saying she felt he was proud and full of himself.

TBoss admitted to feeling moody today, saying she was anxious about the Task presentation tomorrow. She also said kissing Jon didn’t feel as good as she had imagined, but said it could have been due to everybody watching them. She added that she was willing to try again.

Kemen said everyone was focused in the House and putting in effort to win their Wager Task tomorrow. He also said he believed he and Uriel had a mutual feeling, as she seemed to understand his every nuance and tick.

Efe felt the kissing festival was a waste of time and said he really appreciated the visit of Biggie’s surprise guest Banky W because he is a self made artiste and entrepreneur, and it touched him more from an artiste’s perspective. He also said he liked the leadership style of Ese, saying she was more assertive than he was and she also has the ability to balance being a Housemate and the Head of House.

Uriel said she was disgusted with the kissing festival, and that she only saw Kemen as a brother and nothing more. She admitted being very attracted to Bassey, but he wasn’t responding to her intentionally flirting with him from time to time. She also told Biggie that she believes ThinTallTony and Gifty really enjoy kissing each other.

Debbie-Rise said she felt inspired by Banky W’s visit, saying her diverse talents set her apart from all the other #BBNaija housemates. She admitted trying to fade into the background from time to time so as not to be seen as a show off. She also said she liked Bassey the most, an they shared multiple connections which was why he was the first Housemate she kissed.

Bassey said he ended up kissing three people; Debbie-Rise, Ese and Bisola at the kissing festival even though he wasn’t supposed to kiss more than two. He admitted to preferring the kiss he shared with Debbie-Rise as she was a willing learner.

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