#BBNaija Day 23: Diary Sessions

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The Diary Sessions of day 23 in the #BBNaija house started with Bassey and he made it known to Biggie that he felt humbled not to be up for nomination. He also said he felt the other Housemates were beginning to warm up to him and also fall in love with his personality.

Debbie-Rise made it known to Biggie that she was upset about the seeming hot and cold action of Efe towards her and that she felt a need to talk to him about it.

Uriel as usual had a lot to say and she reiterated her perception that Kemen was untrustworthy and a two-faced individual. She also told Biggie she didn’t like the fact that TBoss seems to be hoarding Jon all to herself, while admitting she fancied Jon too. She also admitted that she saw Debbie-Rise as a threat in the House.

Efe once again admitted that he trusted none of the #BBNaija housemates, saying he was a very loyal person. He said he felt Debbie-Rise was too clingy and it was affecting him negatively.

TBoss admitted that she saw Efe as the strongest Housemate, followed by Bisola. She went on to say none of the #BBNaija housemates trusted themselves. She also said she felt some sort of cold shoulder treatment from Bisola and Marvis after Head of House, Ese saved her and swapped her with Marvis.

Kemen was of the opinion that Uriel is the most focused of all the Housemates, saying he hoped to spend more time with her in hopes that he can once again woo her.

Gifty blushed as she admitted her attraction to Jon to big brother. She went on to say she would have preferred Jon as her valentine date than Bally. She also mentioned her anxiety to Biggie about the coming Live Evictions show on Sunday.

Ese admitted her love for TBoss and ThinTallTony, saying she kind of found Gifty a little too annoying, and might have a confrontation with her sooner than she expects.

Jon was of the opinion that his plan was going on well as almost all the #BBNaija housemates saw him as a cool guy. He felt it was time to start ruffling some feathers and getting the housemates on their toes.

ThinTallTony admitted to having a soft spot for Bisola, saying they got along well. He however said he was focused on completing every task at hand first before partying.

Marvis said Kemen was on top of the list of the few people she trusted in the House. She agreed to noticing Efe’s attention and attraction but said the feeling wasn’t mutual. She also said ThinTallTony and Bisola might be heading for romance.

Bally admitted to Big brother that he felt Bisola and ThinTallTony were the strongest of the #BBNaija Housemates, and that was why he nominated them two weeks in a row. He also said he felt TBoss had replaced Miyonse with Jon.

Bisola said she appreciated the men bringing them breakfast in bed, but that the general mood in the House has been task orientated, as the Housemates didn’t want to lose their 100% wager.

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