#BBNaija Day 19: Punishment For All As Some Get Special Privileges

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Biggie decided to kick off day 19 of the #BBNaija house by asking the Housemates to nominate one of them to take up a special position. This was supposed to be part of their reward for the week and the person nominated should be elected unanimously for the process to be viable.

As soon as Bassey was nominated, Biggie instructed him to nominate a deputy that will share in the assignment and he picked Marvis, even as all the housemates felt the special housemates would be punished.

It was however shocking when the housemates were informed by Biggie that Bassey and Marvis will be exempted from the task of the day and that both housemates will sit in a corner, with Bassey enjoying a bowl of ice cream, while Marvis waits on him to obey all his instructions.

The rest of the Housemates walked into the Arena only to be greeted by white chalked floors, mop buckets, brooms and mops with instructions from Big brother to clean and remove all the chalk dust from the floor.

After the housemates had toiled and restored the arena to its old clean glory, they were once again asked to assemble under the Payporte sign and nominate a new special Housemate for another special task that exempts Bassey and Marvis. The Housemates nominated Debbie-Rise who was instructed by to read out the Big Brother rule Book as the other Housemates cleaned the house and also informed that she was exempted from the cleaning task.

The Housemates looked unimpressed with Biggie’s instructions but their frowns soon turned to frustrating smiles as they entered the house and saw everywhere covered in chalk dust.

The housemates once again put their back into it and when they were almost done, they heard the voice of Biggie one more time instructing them to select another housemate for yet another special duty.

Uriel got the honours and was given the task of being the cook for the afternoon. She was expected to prepare a delicious meal for all the Housemates.

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