#BBNaija Day 19: Biggie Gets Tough With The Housemates As They Conquer The Game

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With the #BBNaija housemates putting a lot of work into cleaning the arena and the house, they pretty much had rest and food on their minds. While they waited for Uriel to finish up cooking their food, the Housemates gathered around the dining table playing a game of cards.

As the housemates enjoyed their game of cards, Big Brother called Captain Efe into the Diary room to issue him a new brief. The brief all but expressed big brother’s unhappiness with the attitudes of the Housemates and it is evident that the Housemates appear to have gotten very complacent in their everyday lives, and they seem to be more concerned with their unsanctioned alliances which is distracting them from the main objective of the week.

The task Biggie had for them for the day was aimed at helping the housemates refocus their eyes on the prize.

Biggie also made it known to the housemates that a lot of the rules of the house had been broken and that the housemates need to sit up and stop making demands like children.

More so, Biggie also asked the Housemates to be prudent and cautious in their use of food, water and any other thing in the Big Brother House, as wastage will not be tolerated.
Biggie capped it all by informing the Housemates that they have not only lost their weekly wager, but they have also lost their weekly Payporte wardrobe shopping benefits too.

This information dampened the spirits of the Housemates but they did their best to encourage each other through the Friday Night’s Game session in the Arena. The Housemates were required to employ the use of their card skills and employ them with good aiming skills, while trying to lodge a card in a Watermelon.

More so, the Housemates were also required to use their blowing techniques as they had to blow five balls across six shot glasses into a glass of water after going through biggies obstacle course.

Despite the travails of the housemates all through day 19 in the #BBNaija house, they tried to encourage each other, even with the toll of the week showing on their faces.

The Housemates cheered each other on and in the end, ThinTallTony came out victorious. He picked Uriel to share in the cool prize he won and spend time in Biggie’s Luxury Room.

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