#BBNaija Day 18: The Reward For Winning The Pyramid Task

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Biggie has been on a mission since the beginning of week 3 to unite all the housemates in the #BBNaija house and he seems to be achieving his aim. Biggie instructed Captain Efe to divide the housemates into two equal groups and get them to build pyramids using a base frame and a set of balls.

The plan of Big Brother however is to remind the Housemates of their home country Nigeria and the famous groundnut pyramids of Kano which were built using manual labour by Kano farmers many years ago. The pyramids were built by stacking sacks of groundnuts.

After reading out the task brief, head of house, Efe called out the names of the housemates and separated them into two groups. At the sound of the buzzer, the Housemates sprang into action and started building the base for their pyramids while the Big Brother Ninjas made their task harder by hiding the balls they needed to complete the task.

At the realisation they needed more balls, the housemates ran frantically searching through the house for the balls needed to complete the task.

At the end, team yellow won the task as they completed their pyramid first. They won a special lunch as reward for their efforts. Team yellow had Gifty, Efe, ThinTallTony, Bassey, TBoss and CoCoIce and they chorused “Thank you Big Brother!” before Biggie informed them that they had the option of sharing their meal with the losing team if they wanted. He however also told them that there won’t be any cooking until dinner time.

Surprisingly, Biggie asked the Housemates why they weren’t wearing their onesies after delivering the good news and this was met with sighs and blank stares from the #BBNaija housemates. Biggie reminded the housemates that their wager was at risk and that they should prepare for a gyration tonight.

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