#BBNaija Day 18: Biggie Throws Spanners In The Works As Housemates Lose Wager

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The #BBNaija housemates have been all loved-up especially with the #BBOnesie Task which has made it easy for the Housemates to let their guard down. Despite the general positive feeling in the House, the Housemates however lost their wager because some of the Housemates broke big brothers rules.

Kemen, ThinTallTony, Bisola, TBoss, CoCoIce and Marvis were singled out for not speaking either of English or pidgin English and also whispering on day 17. This necessitated Biggie lecturing the #BBNaija housemates on the rule of the house. The mood in the House changed immediately with TBoss looking gloomy as she watered the flowers and looking like she needed some calming words from someone.

The Housemates however didn’t allow the Wager loss dampen their spirits as they acquitted themselves well in their Squad Dance Task Presentation. Big Brother however reminded them that they were under Biggie’s rules at all times and that Biggie is “always watching.” It is left to be seen if the disappointment will bring the Housemates closer or bring them closer or fracture the fragile truce that has enveloped the House.

Biggie however seems on throwing some spanners in the work of the fragile peace as he made the Housemates lose their Wager of 75% for speaking a a local language dialect.

This in time led to the manly among the #BBNaija Housemates to voice their discontent, with some of them even having temper tantrums. Gifty proclaimed her innocence, shouting “Don’t blame me for losing the wager.” Kemen weighed in with his points of view and ThinTallTony warned Debbie-Rise on how she speaks to him.

The housemates had no choice that to set up a new constitution for the House and they had some new rules to reduce conflicts in the House. The rules include;
To respect ThinTallTony and Bassey decisions when it comes to cheorography,
Respect Bisola, Bally and Gifty decision when it comes to acting,
For hygiene they should listen more to Tboss,
They should watch how they consume food and that each Housemate shouldn’t consume more than a coke per day.

It is left to be seen how the housemates would react to the knowledge of them losing 75% of their food allowance and if it will pull them together or drive them apart.

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