#BBNaija Day 17: Uriel’s Coldness And Kemen’s Sensitivity

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The activities of the day in the #BBNaija house saw Gifty reveal to Biggie that she was finished with Soma the minute he left the house.

She went on to tell big brother that a lot of the other Housemates was that they were treating the Big Brother House like a home while she was treating it like a dormitory.

As the day went on, Gifty tried her best to have a long kiss with ThinTallTony, who perfectly played her and made her want more by giving her only a small taste of his lips even as his eyes were firmly fixed on TBoss.

It was obvious that ThinTallTony’s fascination with Tboss was mutual, and this was made more evident with the steamy conversation that went on later in the evening. Efe made it known to CoCoIce that there was no place he wouldn’t have sex, including the toilet while Gifty appeared to be drifting between Bassey and ThinTallTony.

Kemen had his eyes firmly set on Uriel, asking her to give him an opportunity while promising not to let the relationship get in the way.

Uriel told him that she thought he and Gifty looked cute together and she concluded their conversation by saying “I’m too big for you.”

The #BBSpeedDating Task assigned to the #BBNaija housemates saw Kemen allowing Gifty, TBoss and Uriel in.

He spoke lovingly about his girlfriend back home and said that he liked when “a woman takes charge.” He kept asking Uriel to give him a chance, saying “when I see somebody, I don’t see anybody else.”

The speed dating task had ThinTallTony playing some of the girls up against each other as new friendships and alliances were made.

CoCoIce was able to see the soft side of Kemen as she was paired up with him as #BBCoCoMen, Just as Bally and Gifty got all close and personal with their lips meeting for a kiss.

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