#BBNaija Day 17: Housemates Share Everything

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The secret task Biggie gave Efe at the start of the week was to find a way to unite all the #BBNaija housemates after the drama of the previous week and he made a good attempt in fulfilling it.

Perhaps his way of aiding Efe in achieving the task, Biggie decided to create cute onesies the housemates were expected to wear and share all through the day. This saw them paired up for the task of the day.

Furthermore, all the wonderful names that the viewers came up with and the housemates had to adopt the paired names and only address each other using the names for the rest of the day.

The names the housemates gave the paired housemates are:
Bally and Uriel – Bariel
TBoss abd Bassey – TBass
Marvis and Efe – Marfe
Tony and Bisola – Tobis
Kemen and CoCoIce – CoComen
Gifty and Debie-Rise – Gibbie

The #BBNaija Housemates were impressed with the onesies and joked about how they looked like Teletubies in them. Their excitement was even more evident as they sang the theme song of the Teletubbies.

It however didn’t take long for the housemates to change back into their regular clothes, while they rehearsed their war cry. The Housemates remained in their regular clothes for hours before changing back into onesies which was displeasing to Biggie, who admonished them for not following the instructions of the task and warned them that their behavior could jeopardize their wager.

After the admonishment, Biggie gave them a task and instructed them to prepare a delicious meal using the Indomie noodles provided as well as any other interesting ingredients they could find in the House.

The Housemates had 15 minutes to take turns cooking their noodles and to prepare a tasty dish that they would relish. After then, Biggie would call the paired housemates to present their meals in the arena at the end.

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