#BBNaija Day 17: The Cooking Challenge

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Day 17 in the #BBNaija saw Kemen pour his heart out to Marvis telling her the way he felt about Uriel and how he was afraid of the fact that she liked him but was scared of falling in love with him.

Marvis kept trying to get him to open up more by playing devil’s advocate but one thing that is unknown to Kemen is that Uriel had informed Biggie that he will be the last person she would think of dating and that she would rather remain single than be with him.

Gifty was quick to get under the sheets with Bally and answered all his questions the best way she possibly could. Bally asked her if she had ever been unfaithful and she said “Only once.” She proceeded to tell him that she was averse to weak men, saying that she wanted a man that can fight for her at every point in time.

ThinTallTony also had a heart to heart talk with Bisola and he allowed her know a number of personal things which included how his childhood was and the relationship his mother.

It is left to be seen if Uriel will put Kemen out of his misery or if Bally has more than a friendly interest in Gifty with the questions he asked her.

Furthermore, with the #BBNaija housemates joined at the hip all through the day and having to undergo the task of running around a hot kitchen putting a meal together, it was a herculean task that the housemates executed well as teams. The combination of arch nemeses Kemen and CoCoIce (now CoComen) were on good terms with CoCoIce wiping sweat off Kemen’s face while they cooked.

The pair of Tobis and Gibbie were the last pairs to prepare their meals and they were really pressed for time but they remained composed all through, even as ThinTallTony cut his finger with a knife while hurrying to finish on time. Biggie commended the Housemates for their great work and said their dishes looked tasty, even as he decided to make things more stressful and cumbersome for them.

For the final task of Day 17, Biggie told the Housemates to put all the food they’d had cooked in the bowls provided and make use of 12, large, wooden spoons to feed each other what they had cooked. It was even more stressful for the housemates as they were only allowed to eat the food they’d prepared for the rest of the day, so they had to make sure that everyone was well fed.

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