#BBNaija Day 11: Tension Mounting As Housemates Express Themselves

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The diary session of day 11 in the #BBNaija house started off with Uriel, who expressed her dissatisfaction with the way CocoIce handled the incident with Igwe Efe by trying to frame her for what she didn’t do, which was stealing the card out of Efe’s box.

She was even more furious at the fact that someone had used the “Dirty Laundry” task as an opportunity to write backstabber on her T-shirt and the two people she suspects of the act are Cocoice or Tboss and that she isn’t fond of Gifty too.

Uriel went on to tell Biggie that she’s frustrated with the fact that Kemen is pursuing her and that he seems to just be “digging for information.”

Bisola said she was only bothered by the fact that people see her as aggressive and noted the fact that all the housemates in the #BBNaija house seems to be a bit on edge after the dirty laundry challenge.

She however acknowledged the fact that she was loud-mouthed but relished expressing herself. She said she was weary of searching for the advantage card before Biggie interjected her and told her “nothing good comes easy!”

Soma was of the opinion that the #BBNaija house had become tense after the fight between CocoIce and Efe. He appeared to be more fond of Efe as an Igwe and admired how he had remained himself and stayed fair, despite CocoIce threatening his future in the House.

As regards Gifty, he admitted that things had become more intense between them, while describing their kiss as a “peck on the lip” but Big Brother interrupted him, saying he saw everything and his so called peck was way longer than what a peck is. He blushed and signed off his session saying that was how they pecked in his village.

Igwe Efe admitted to Big brother that he was suspicious of everyone as he felt some of the Housemates were out to overthrow him. He however felt that things were going smoothly before CocoIce and Uriel schemed to manipulate people and have him removed as Igwe.

Biggie sought to know how Efe felt about the looming eviction and why he should remain in the house. Efe responded by reassuring everyone watching that he was a good player that had intelligence and a great personality.

Miyonse was of the opinion that the energy in the House was at an all time high as the “Have Nots” were spurred on to take on Igwe Efe and that his nomination for eviction made him distracted and vulnerable. He gave a surprising ‘No’ as answer when Biggie asked him if he was a ladies man.

Miyonse seems confident he will be staying in the house and talked about how interesting a pair, he and TBoss was, adding that viewers would love to see how their story ends.

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