#BBNaija Day 11: Of Clues, Confusion And Freeze Task

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There was an intense argument and fight in the #BBNaija house on day 11 as Igwe Efe accused CoCoIce of doing all she could to undermine his authority since his emergence as Head of House. The Igwe made this accusation after CocoIce retrieved the card from the box that was on the first clue that the Igwe read out earlier in the day.

CocoIce had passed on the card to Uriel after removing it from the box, who walked around the House saying that she thought that it was the Green Advantage card.

The situation got heated up as Igwe Efe continually told everyone that he was not happy with her and the fact that she was “undermining” his authority, even as CoCoIce defended her actions.

The situation was salvaged as Big brother called Efe into the Diary room where he was presented with further clues on the whereabouts of the card. The three clues given to him were

Clue 1: What is lost remains lost, what needs to be found remains to be found, Clue 2: In any exercise, results come when you rest and Clue 3: Today is a chilly day, stay warm. The clues got the housemates searching again for the elusive Green Advantage card with little success.

As the hours rolled by, Biggie decided to get the Housemates working today by getting them to wash the windows in the House. This appeared to be a good strategy to get ease the tension that had been building in the House since Efe accused CoCoIce of undermining his authority.

As the #BBNaija housemates were busy with their task, Biggie’s voice rolled out “Housemates, freeze” which most of them did, except for a few that couldn’t help themselves. They were in their position for a while before Big Brother told them to unfreeze. CoCoIce, Miyonse, TBoss, Debie-Rise and Bisola had disobeyed Biggie and they got punished for it as he told them to freeze again, just as he informed the rest that they had completed their task of washing the windows.

The disobeying housemates freezed much longer than the first time before Biggie called on the housemates one at a time to unfreeze. After this, the housemates paired off in their groups of the Haves and the Have Nots to discuss the upcoming parliamentary debate session as to whether Igwe Efe should remain as #BBNaija house leader or not.

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