#BBNaija Day 10: Diary Sessions Reveal Love Interests

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The diary sessions of day 10 in the #BBNaija 2017 house was an interesting one as Biggie took out time to give tasks and the housemates revealed their love interests.

The sessions of the day began with CoCoIce who unfortunately got a stern warning from Big brother for strolling down to the Diary room when she was called.  Biggie had more bad news for her, as he told her she was to be punished and that she should immediately hand over the secret book of instructions to Igwe Efe as a consequence of her disrespecting the Head of House. Efe decided to make her do the dishes for the rest of the night.

The next diary session was that of Efe and he got a strike for taking his time getting to the Diary Room.  Efe was surprised as he was sleeping at the time but Biggie didn’t want to hear any of it. Efe made it known to Biggie that he had a problem searching for the green advantage card because of his Igwe regalia and he hasn’t been able to find it anywhere. Biggie then warned Efe to hide the secret book of instructions or risk losing his title as Igwe.

Tboss’ diary session had her telling Biggie how irritated she was with Miyonse. She talked about her trying to cheer him up because he was upset about his pending eviction but he was cold and unrceptive. She said she was annoyed with the fact that he shared a joke with Gifty moments later and was laughing hysterically.

Tboss believed that Gifty was trying to get under her skin by calling her Miyonse’s “side chick” who’s just desperate to be the main “babe”! She appeared to surprise everyone when she said that she regretted nominating Miyonse and hoped he wouldn’t be evicted this Sunday. She also finally admitted to liking him but still thinks he’s irritating. At this point, Biggie gave her a secret task to steal Igwe Efe’s book in order to become the new supreme ruler.

Soma was the second housemate to get a strike from big brother for coming late to his diary session and while trying to protest, got a strike and was told to “never argue with Big Brother!” The mood lightened up eventually and Soma went on to admit that he had feelings for Gifty though he’s not in love. He also went on to admit that he wasn’t comfortable with the way ThinTallTony and Kemen picked on her because she was so sweet and forgiving.

Gifty pointed out that she liked the fact that Soma was gentle but he and all the men in the #BBNaija house were not her type. She ended her diary session by saying Soma had a girlfriend outside “anyway” and she had to respect that fact. She, like TBoss was also given the secret task of stealing Efe’s book to become supreme ruler.

Kemen professed his love once again for TBoss and made it known that he would hit on her whether Miyonse remained in the #BBNaija house or not. He got a surprising task from Biggie to get all the women in the #BBNaija house to lead every morning workout session for the rest of the week and also discourage all the men from doing the same thing.

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