#BBNaija 2017 Live Show Four: Biggie Tasks The Housemates With A Quiz

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Apart from the small matter of Eviction at the #BBNaija Live Show Four, Biggie told the Housemates that there would be a high stakes game with amazing prizes.

However, big brother made it known that the three Nominated Housemates, Fake Housemates and Bally (because he has the Green Advantage Card) were not included in the quiz.

He also made it known that there were amazing rewards on offer as well as another big advantage.

Ebuka revealed the rewards on offer which included immunity from Nominations for the week ahead as well as a traditional Nigerian feast of the winner’s choice.

More so, the prizes also included a PayPorte shopping voucher worth 200 000 Naira and a 300 000 Naira in cash, a bowl of ice-cream, 28 BBNaira to shop for luxury items during the coming week or a slab of chocolate.

The Housemates were selected randomly with Biggie’s Ninja entering into the House with a bowl that contained seven numbers and three numbers were to be chosen from the bowl. The #BBNaija Housemates were given numbers to hold up with Bisola, Bassey and TBoss being chosen by the auditor and they were whisked off to the Live Stage.

There was also a catch that if the chosen #BBNaija housemates answered their questions incorrectly, they could be up for automatic Nomination for the week ahead.

They would also be required to do a whole lot of Tasks in the House such as sweeping duties for the week and become the Joker for the whole of the next day. In addition, Ebuka also informed the three selected housemates that failing to answer the questions incorrectly would also mean the Housemate would have to wash dishes for a full day and they could not receive any messages from home.

The prizes were kept in two bins, one was the Win Bin and a Lose Bin.

Bisola was the first to go up with the correct answer to the first person in the Diary Room, which was TBoss. For answering correctly, she won immunity from Nomination next week.

Bassey was up next and he was asked how many robotic cameras there were in the House and he answered immediately “29” which was correct. For his effort, hge won a traditional Nigerian dish of his choice.

Unfortunately, Tboss couldn’t reprise the success of the other two #BBNaija housemates as she failed to get her question right which was “How many windows are in the Arena?” and she had to pick from the Lose Bin.

She learned that she had to wash the dishes in the House for the next week which was a good one as she could have been automatically nominated for eviction.

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