Woman Tried To Sneak Boyfriend Out Of Prison In Suitcase

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A Venezuelan woman was caught trying to get her detained boyfriend out of jail by packing him in her large suitcase.


Antoinette Robles Saouda, 25, arrived at the Puente Ayala prison in Venezuela last week, to visit her boyfriend, identified as Ibrain José Vargas Garcia, who was serving a sentence of 9 years and 8 months for car theft.

She came visiting with their six year-old daughter and a large pink suitcase, which is not uncommon for overnight stays by family members in South American prisons. Apparently, the plan was to get her boyfriend in the suitcase and then sneak him out. Though he was actually able to get himself inside of the suitcase without any issues, Saouda didn’t think her plan all the way through and it ended up getting both of them into big trouble.

Their plan seemed to go smoothly as the woman carrying the bright pink luggage didn’t make the guards suspicious at all, but then it all went sideways when they eventually noticed the petite woman struggling to pull what seemed like a very light suitcase out the door. They stopped her and asked her to open the suitcase so they could check its contents, they unzipped the baggage to reveal young José curled up and covered with various clothing items.


The car thief was sent back to his cell, while his girlfriend was detained. Antoinette Souda has now been arrested and is awaiting official charges, while the couple’s six-year-old daughter has been placed in the care of social services.

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