Wenger Wants Ozil To Score More Goals

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Arsene Wenger insists that for Mesut Ozil to reach his full potential at Arsenal, he must score more goals.

The midfielder already has nine goals in 23 appearances in all competitions, which is his best tally so far in a Gunners jersey.

Wenger wants to see more from Ozil on the field, insisting he is not living up to his true talent.

“I think what you want of him is to score goals,” Wenger told reporters.

“We all feel certainly that there is still a gap there between what he can do. He is moving in the right way but always, from such a talent, you are maybe a little bit unjust because you always want more.

“You feel there is no limitation in his game and so you always say: ‘come on give us more’ because you always have feeling he can do more.

“We are all human beings who can improve every day. The problem is that we have to first realise if we want more, how we get more and then after, do it.”



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