Self Improvement Tips: 6 Ways To Do Better in 2017

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Self Improvement Tips 2017

A lot of us have most likely made new year resolutions that we are so far doing our best to stick to. It’s always a noble idea to aspire to be better but more often than not, we sometimes find ourselves backsliding and letting go of our resolutions even before 10 percent of the year is spent.

2017 is however going to be different because you will leave it better than you met it. You’re wondering how that will be possible right? It will simply because you’ve got help that we have been able to compile from people who are experts at self-improvement and by the time you’re done reading this, you’d know how to make 2017 the best year yet.

Monitor Your Progress
You can try to monitor your progress with your resolutions by recording how much you’re committed to achieving them. Write out the specific actions you take each day towards achieving your goal and take note of the days you don’t do anything to achieve them. Don’t dwell on the days you fail to act. Forgive yourself and start afresh the next day. Doing this will help you stay on track and accountable as you work towards your goals.

Be Flexible
As the year counts down, you may start to think that your resolutions are not realistic or achievable as you thought at the beginning of the year. Instead of giving up, it’s best to be flexible and adjust in some areas. If you have a plan B, switch to it if your original plan is unsuccessful.
For example, you may have planned to exercise thrice weekly but it seems unrealistic. Change it to twice or get a partner that can spur you on. Doing this is much better than giving up and you may even find switching to plan B more fun.

Have Small Achievable Goals
Instead of having a long and endless list of resolutions for the new year, you can choose to make a number of smaller resolutions that will be attainable. Having a list of small resolutions will most likely make you keep some of them. This is a silver lining as it will be difficult for you to give up on your goals as they have become fragmented into little bits. When you take stock of what you’ve been able to achieve, you’d be surprised and you can the. Channel much of your energy to the other ones left pending.

See Your Success
Visualising your success is another good way to leave this year smiling with success. Before you go ahead to tackle your resolutions, be sure to see yourself at the end of the tunnel and how much your life will change when you accomplish it. Doing this will however require some form of commitment from you to turn your abstract thoughts to reality. There’s no better way to stay on track when it is hard for you to continue to do the things that will make your resolutions achievable than to picture yourself haven achieved it.

Be Specific As Possible
If you’ve got a resolution to lose weight for instance, it’s better you’re specific about how much weight you want to lose and the time frame. Having goals that are specific and measurable will help you succeed because they are easily attainable that way. More so, it’s much more easier for you to make and measure how successful you are at making progress. As such, if you want to lose weight, you can choose to make a resolution to “Work out for 20 minutes, thrice weekly.”

Fill Up The Empty Spaces
If your resolution is to give up a vice, it’s always a difficult situation to stop as there would be a gaping hole left when you do give it up. As such, you will need to fill it with something. For instance, if your resolutions includes giving up smoking, you may need to adopt licking sweets to replace it as a way of staying happy. Replacing your old and unhealthy habits with new and beneficial ones will make the change process easy and also give you space for improvements.



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