Schneiderlin Holds No Grudges Against Mourinho

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Former Manchester United player Morgan Schneiderlin says he is not angry with Jose Mourinho, but only wants to rediscover his love for football at Everton.

The France international joined the Merseyside club for £20 million, which could rise to £24 million after getting few first team opportunities at Old Trafford.

Schneiderlin says he has no problems with Mourinho and is glad that a deal could be completed with no hassles.

“No anger at all, Jose has been good to me,” said Schneiderlin. “We had some explanation and I can accept the decision he made.

“I have to move forward and I am glad he accepted my decision when I went to see him and said I couldn’t see myself spending a year on the bench.

“I’m a footballer and I don’t like to spend one year on the bench.”

The 27-year-old confessed that things had not worked in his favour at Old Trafford, admitting that he expected a different style of football and a greater level of opportunity.

“I went there with big ambition and I wanted to do the best for the football club, but I don’t think I arrived at the best time in Manchester United’s history,” he said.

“It is true that last year we didn’t always play very good football, it wasn’t very attractive and there was a lot of criticism around the team.

“From my point of view I didn’t have the run of games that I was expecting, I didn’t enjoy it as I wanted to. I didn’t fall out of love with football, but of course when you don’t play it is a different game.

“Happiness is the most important thing in life and hopefully I will find that here and now.”

Schneiderlin could make his Everton debut in Sunday’s Premier League meeting with Manchester City at Goodison Park.



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