Rose To Hornacek: Be Hard On Us When It Comes To Defense

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After practice on Saturday, New York Knicks star, Derrick Rose had one demand for coach Jeff Hornacek ‘demand more from us on defense’.

The Knicks have won nine of their last 11 matches and are ranked 25th in defensive efficiency.

“Our defense triggers a lot of things,” Rose said. “And I told him he has to be on us hard about defense every day. Like, beat it in our heads where we get tired of hearing him talking about it.”

“It’s not just one element,” Rose said. “It’s all of it — effort, schemes, decision-making, personnel, communication. It’s everything.

“You can tell when we’re out there. You have some games where we have everything clicking. It’s no middle ground with us,” Rose added. “It’s either we look good, or we look quite different than that. I wanted to say another word, but quite different than that. We got to have an in-between. Then right when we’re slipping, we got to be able to let everybody be aware of that and try to fix it — not after the game, but during the game.”

Hornacek said that the players asked coaches last month to practice more defense, and the coaches adjusted.

“We do defensive situations every day. Try to go live. It’s a case of continuing to work on it,” Hornacek said. “At times, it’s pretty decent and other times we kind of revert back. Again, we have to do a better job of just keeping harping on them about it and putting them in different situations in practice, and they’ll have to do better at doing it more consistently, so we all have to be better at it.”



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