Tell A Friend To Tell A Friend And You Could Be A Quickteller Millionaire!

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Everyone has that one friend that won’t call for months until they need your vote for themselves or their random uncle’s neighbor’s colleague’s wife’s sister’s friend for a beauty pageant or whatever they come up with these days. In good faith, you vote. Try to say hi some seconds later and pooof that friendship is Gone with the Wind until the next beauty pageant… LOL

You know how you scroll through your phone book for just one number and you keep scrolling like it’s a paid job?

There is an awesome way to make use of that phone book and as the good friend, I will tell you; what are friends for? *winks*

What if you could get paid anytime your friends or family use Quickteller for bill payments, funds transfers, Cable TV subscription, Airtime Recharges and Data subscriptions?

Don’t scream yet, okay maybe you can! So, here’s the deal and you have to promise to tell someone!

*In Frank Edoho’s Voice* Got a friend not on board the quicker life? Ask them to sign up on, whenever they make a transaction, your phone beeps.

Now what’s even better? REFER up to five people to sign up and you get N1000!

Now, here’s the big chocolate topping on this ice cream; The top three referrers at the end of every quarter gets 3 million Naira! No raffles, no draws; you refer, you win, isn’t that worth sharing?

So, what are you waiting for? Refer a friend, tell a friend to refer a friend that knows a friend! Come on, what are friends for?


quickteller referral

Tonia Soares

Tonia Soares

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