New Year, New You: 4 Brilliant Ways To Look Confident At Job Interviews

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You just got invited for an interview for the job of your dreams and you’re super excited about it. You meet virtually all the requirements for the job and you’re more than certain you have an edge over a lot of the other applicants. The only downside to it is that you can’t stop being nervous as your knees are shaky and your palms, sweaty. You know you’re short on confidence and don’t know what to do about it.

The fact is everyone knows that job interviews can take a toll on the nerves of even the strongest of people and it is usually difficult to mask the nausea and nervous feeling with confidence and professionalism.

While you may be nervous, there are a number of things you can do to stifle your anxiety and give your confidence a boost, to present a polished and impressive appearance. Here are a number of tips that can help you appear cool, calm and collected as you interview for your dream job.

Doing Prior Research
Job interviews can make anyone anxious and failing to prepare will worsen the situation more. It is important to be adequately prepared to approach an interview with as much confidence as possible.

  • A key to doing this is to leave as much time as possible for you to research the company by rehearsing common questions so that you can be prepared for any question that may come up during the course of the interview. This will make you feel more self-assured the moment you walk through the door.

Ask Questions
During the course of preparing for an interview, a lot of people lay emphasis on how to answer questions which is a good thing. You should however be ready to ask some questions too as it shows that you’re actively engaged in the process and eager to get the job. When preparing for an interview, you’ll undoubtedly place a lot of your emphasis on how you’ll answer questions. More so, it can also help you build confidence by taking away some of the pressure off you as the interviewer responds to your answers and helps you catch a break.

  • As such, come up with a couple of intelligent questions you can ask at appropriate moments during the interview. The questions you ask could be about what your interviewer enjoys most about working for the company, what their vacation policy is like or what they require someone in the job position you’re aspiring for to accomplish.
    There are a lot of questions to ask and doing so will offer you an opportunity to regain your composure while keeping the person interviewing you interested and engaged.

Pay Attention To Your Body Language
The non-verbak cues most times speak louder than the words coming out of your mouth. Irrespective of how polished your sentences and responses are, they will have little or no impact if your body language says otherwise.

  • Maintain eye contact throughout the course of the interview. Avoid fidgeting, while making gestures away from your body. Also remember to smile appropriately as the interview progresses. It is very important for you to remember to keep your breathing level as you respond to questions. Sounding nervous like you just ran to meet up time with the interview whole you answer a question relating to punctuality will only make your interviewers suspect your sincerity.

Remind Yourself Of What Matters
A lot of people have a scene of an intimidating looking person sitting across a table from them at an interview and asking questions that are impossible to answer. Let go of such thoughts and remember that a job interview is not an interrogation. This can incredibly help you to get your desired job.

  • Even though it may not seem like it, the interviewer is most likely on your side as their goal is to find the best person suitable for the job opening and they’re hoping that you’re the one. Let go of your paranoia that the interviewers are out to get you. As a matter of fact, they’re on your side.


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