McGuigan: Bellew Might Try To Tire Haye Out By Running

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Shane McGuigan, Haye’s trainer believes Tony Bellew might try running in the first few rounds to tire his opponent out.

Both boxers have vowed to stand and fight when they face off at the O2 Arena on March 4.

But McGuigan sees Bellew adopting evasive tactics against the former two-time heavyweight champion.

“It’s going to be a great fight with Tony Bellew,” McGuigan told Sky Sports News HD.

“Depending how Tony Bellew approaches it as well. I think he’s going to probably run and move away for a few rounds, try and tire David out.

“But you’re in there with a guy like David, he’s a cool cat, doesn’t rush into any punches or punishment.

“He’s a guy who has been in these situations many a time and I really think he’s going to do a number on Tony Bellew.”



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