Man Tips: Make These Changes To Your Bed To Get That Special Woman Jumping In

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The bedroom is a special place for a lot of people and holds particular significance for African men. It is the place where we lay our heads after a hard days job and also the go to place for conventional sexual practices devoid of any type of kinky and albeit exploratory sexual acts.

The bedroom of a typical African man doesn’t hold that much importance even though over 25 percent of our entire lifetime is spent there. It is however about time that we began to pay good attention to the bedroom as they serve very important purposes.

Whether you’re a bachelor or a married man, the way your bedroom looks can be the link between you having more sex and having sex just as a conjugal rite or obligation. As such, it is important you focus on how good your bedroom looks asides from the comfort and support your mattress should provide for sex and sleeping.

This is especially true for single men that are still in the game as the bedroom can be the ultimate deciding factor as to whether she sleeps with you or not. Women are very perceptive and they will notice these things that will ultimately decide if you end up having sex or not.

Change Your Sheets Regularly
Men a lot of the time pay little attention to their bedsheets and can go a number of weeks before changing them. Sheets are perhaps the most underrated element in the bedroom and they have the ability to make or mar your sleeping routine and whether or not that special woman will jump in with you. Dirty sheets are a huge turnoff and women are naturally more attracted to a bedroom that provides warmth in cold weather, air in hot weather and comfort generally. Select homely and relaxing colours such as blue and green to make her feel more at home.

Have Several Pillows
It is common to want to have just two pillows for a standard mattress but necessary to have more than that to get women jumping in your bed. A bedroom with just two pillows is uninviting and she will notice this the moment she steps in. There’s basically nothing to play with if you decide to have a pillow fight right before the actual deed. (NB: get very soft and amenable pillows if you don’t want to end up with a sore body and injuries).

Well Made Bed
The chauvinistic attitude of a lot of African males ensure that their bed is rough simply because they see such duties restricted to the female gender. A well made bed can be the ultimate deciding factor as to whether you get to hit some or not. Science and logic have proven that people that make their beds are less stressed and happier than those who don’t. Moreover, there’s a chance that that girl you’ve got your eyes on will be happier climbing into a neat bed instead of a rough one.

Clean Smelling Sheets
Your bed sheets should always smell clean and devoid of any sweaty smell. This can be achieved by washing your sheets regularly and making use of fabric freshners or perfumed washing powder – Surf 2 in One is a good one – to give an enticing and sensual smell. You have a higher chance of hitting some with this than with a sweaty bed sheet.

Make Your Room Comfortable
The comfort your room provides can go a long way in determining whether she wants to stay and proceed to some action or not. Having a comfortable and homely bedroom can make her want to wrap herself in it and never want to leave. This can be achieved with homely wallpapers, wall paints and artistic works that are kind to the eyes. Remember to keep your bedroom as stain-free as possible as women are visual enough to perceive any dirt that may be repulsive to them.



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