Knicks’ Anthony Playing Through Bad Shoulder Injury

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New York Knicks Carmelo Anthony has revealed he is playing games through a bad right shoulder injury that requires constant attention.

The small forward has been dealing with the injury for close to four weeks and had to sit out a game last month.

“It’s bad,” Anthony told the New York Daily News after the Knicks’ win over the Milwaukee Bucks on Friday night. “You know what it is; it’s an adjustment that you have to make on the fly. Like some days it feels good; some days it’s tight. Throughout the course of the game — certain shots, certain moves — you feel like the strength isn’t there. So it’s just a matter of figuring out how to play through it. What’s working? What’s not?

“It feels good during the game. And then you irritate it. And then you kind of have to work backwards again to get it back stronger. But I’m constant, around-the-clock treatment.”


“The only thing that’s going to help [the shoulder] is rest,” Anthony told the newspaper. “But we’re playing every other day. It’s a tough month.”

Anthony added that he has no plans to sit, so it will be up to coach Jeff Hornacek and the team’s medical staff to hold him out.

“Not yet. Not yet,” Anthony said of potentially missing a game. “Especially now when we’re in the grind and in the thick of things, and we kind of have a chance to get back above .500. And we have some teams that we feel that are some winnable games. So that decision is … they’re going to have to tell me to take a couple off because I’m not doing it.”



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