Kerr And Green Unhappy With Fourth Quarter Collapse

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Golden State Warriors suffered a collapse in the fourth quarter of the home loss to the Grizzlies, much to the distraught of Draymond Green and Steve Kerr.

The Warriors blew a 24-point lead to lose 128-119 in overtime, they could only manage 13 points in the last quarter.

“Our fourth-quarter offense has been atrocious, and I don’t know if you could see,” Green said. “Everyone only notices in losses, but I actually pay attention to things when we win also.”

In the midst of the offensive lull, Warriors coach Steve Kerr said he noticed something.

“I didn’t like our body language,” Kerr said. “That’s the main thing. I thought we were playing a really good, solid game through three quarters. We were taking care of the ball and defending, but the fourth quarter, once they made that run, our body language was bad. That can’t happen, and that bothered me.”

Even though it was a colossal, embarrassing meltdown, Green said he was relieved they picked up their sixth loss of the season.

“I’m actually happy we lost today because there’s some things that we need to correct in order to win a championship, and that’s our goal,” he said. “So trying to win every regular-season game really don’t matter. I want to see us get better each and every time we step on the floor, and I don’t feel like that’s been happening for the things we need to get better at. So I’m kind of thrilled that we lost because you usually make corrections when you lose.”



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