Jose Mourinho Won’t Stop Wayne Rooney From Moving To China

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Jose Mourinho says it is up to Wayne Rooney to decide if and when he wants to leave Manchester United.

“I think he still has more to give us, but you reach a certain level in his career when it is up to him,” Mourinho said.

“Could anyone be critical with Zlatan [Ibrahimovic] last summer if he decided to go to China or the US? Could anyone be critical with one guy with such an amazing career? No, and I think with Wayne it is the same. He owns his life, he owns his career. It’s him, his family’s and his decision.”

Jose Mourinnho Speaking On Manchester United’s 17 game unbeaten run said

“The unbeatable run is very nice,” Mourinho said. “Seventeen matches is a lot of matches. If you start now with the first match, unbeatable. That shows the quality in our game, the amazing character from the team and shows fantastic empathy with the fans. At home people stay in the stands until the last second, away we have amazing support from everyone. The team is losing [at Stoke] but they keep believing and we are doing very important things.

“But a top team has to be much more clinical. We have to have the first chance of the match and bang, 1-0. When you are winning 1-0, next chance: boom, 2-0. We are not doing that enough. We did that in a couple of matches. In the matches we won, I remember, for example, Middlesbrough and Crystal Palace, it’s always hard to score goals.”



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