Enes Kanter Issues Apologies To Teammates For Injury

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OKC Thunder star Enes Kanter has revealed he apologised to his teammates after mistakenly fracturing his arm in the match against the Mavericks.

The Turkish basketball player fractured his arm after punching a padded chair in frustration, only for the chair to fold up and he hit metal.

“Of course it’s like a really sad thing because like, I mean because you’re letting your teammates down when you make a mistake like that,” Kanter said. “I mean your coaches down and stuff. But the only thing you can do is just, you know, you learn from it. The one thing you know I wish we could go back [in] time and then I could take it back. But mistake happens and we just got to learn from it and control your emotions.”

Kanter fractured his arm when he attempted to punch the seat of a padded chair in frustration. The seat of the chair tilted up as he swung, with his arm catching the metal edge instead.

“It was just frustration because I know this team, my teammates, all my coaches, these fans, the whole organization trusts in me and I was trying to not make any mistakes during the game,” Kanter said, “and especially it was a back-to-back game and then like I turned the ball over a few times and then I felt like really bad and I was thinking oh man I’m letting my team down. And then I came to bench, I was frustrated because I felt like I was letting everybody down and I was pretty frustrated and I hit my arm.”

The Center had surgery done on Friday and will be reevaluated in four weeks, but he’s expected to be out for eight weeks.

“I don’t want to put no pressure on myself or the medical staff or anybody,” Kanter said of his timetable. “I just want to get healthy and get back on the floor as soon as possible.”



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