Emir Sanusi Charges Northerners To “Stop Producing Children Like Commodities”

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The Emir of Kano, Muhammad Sanusi II,

The Emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi II, has pleaded with the people from the north to change their attitude towards marriage and child bearing.

This is even as the former Governor of the Central Bank Of Nigeria (CBN) charged them to marry only the number of wives and produce the number of children they can adequately cater for in the interest of themselves, the region and the entire nation.

“Girl Child Education More Important Than Building Of Mosques” – Emir Sanusi

The outspoken Emir made this appeal while speaking at the 60th Anniversary, Founder’s Day Lecture and Magazine Launch of Kaduna Capital School during the weekend.

Saying he had no issue with those who could handle a bigger family capacity, Sanusi added:

 “You are allowed to marry two wives if you can maintain them, you are also allowed to produce 100 children if you can maintain and educate them; but if you cannot, please marry the number of wives you can maintain and produce the number of children you can take care of.”

“We are obsessed by number as anything produced en masse is cheap. We have produced all these children like commodities; they are there on the streets and that is why they die and people don’t care because they have no value. They are also on drugs and people don’t care.”

He called on northern leaders to seriously look at the failure of social policy in the region, including attitude to marriage, early marriage, family planning, polygamy, divorce, rights of a child over the parents and the responsibilities of fathers, among others.

According to him, “many of the people we have in the North feel that a father is the one who is able to produce a child and that parenting is about biological reproduction and not about proper upbringing.”



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  1. I love Emir Sanusi, a very courageous, honest and Godly man indeed.

    We need more unprejudiced people like u from all parts of this Nation.


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