Conte: Liverpool Don’t Need A Revolution

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When Chelsea were stunned by back-to-back defeats to Liverpool and Arsenal, Conte switched his formation to 3-4-3, but he doesn’t think Liverpool need to change the way they play.

Jurgen Klopp is under immense pressure, with his men winning just one game in seven matches this January and crashing out of both the FA Cup and EFL cup in the same week.

Chelsea and Liverpool play in a very important must-watch fixture and Conte feels Liverpool don’t need to change their style of play.

“Liverpool started the season very well, playing attractive football and I think this is the right way,” Conte said at a news conference at Cobham Training Centre. “But when you lose games and you have your idea of football, you have to continue like this and transfer your idea.

“It is important, if this happened to us, and you have a defeat and you start to think is this right? Is this not right? It is normal but when you have an idea of football, when you have your philosophy, I think you have to overcome these negative periods.

“Honestly, I think Klopp’s teams play attractive football and do very well.”

However, he thinks that his Chelsea side have yet to hit their peak, despite his club holding an eight-point gap at the top of the table.

“This is only five or six months since I started to work with Chelsea, don’t forget this,” Conte added. “I am a coach that when more time passes it gets better as I impart my idea, my philiosphy of football.

“At Juventus, we arrived at one point and we had a really good balance but only after work. In Chelsea we are working a lot in this aspect and in six months we have improved. If you compare our position now compared with this point last season, but for sure, we have room to improve.”



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